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Oct 10, 2007

A Writers Prose

Take Yourself back to a land far away or to a galaxy light years beyond earth or to an island adventure with pirates and treasure. Chances are, you will be remembering the visions a writer created in your dreams.

A book, simple and elegant at once, is our resource for imagination that the writers of the world share with us, for a means to expand our minds and get lost in the words.

Writers are compelled to write, and then re-write until the vision and message leap off the page, taking the reader on a fantastic journey of knowledge, imagination, or reality. Writers bring out creativity and emotion in their audience, causing them to seem, somehow, a part of the authors life.

Sharing your feelings using the spoken word leaves you vulnerable. Expressing yourself on paper, is a freedom of sharing and such an enormous pleasure of giving, that it is difficult to put into words. I urge you to put some ideas, thoughts, dreams, lands, or galaxies to paper and share them with the world. There will always be at least one person somewhere who will benefit.

Remember this, if I have an apple and give it to my friend, then he will have an apple and I will have none. If I have a thought and give it to my friend, we then both have a new thought.

The world, the places, and the people you touch, also touch you, the places you visit, and the people in your world.

Stephanie Haile aka wavecritter

Stephanie Haile, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

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