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Nov 13, 2007

An Analogy On Trees

"I think that I should never see..." by Joyce Kilmer. One of the most quoted and best loved verses about the staple of nature, trees.

'Tree' can be an abstract term, analogy, or metaphor, giving 'tree' a situational existence such as a genealogy or sequence of events. Or, a 'tree' can be a singular unit such as a leader, organization, or building. Even still, a 'tree' could just be a tree, standing tall, waving in the breeze, limbs and leaves, bark and branches with roots extending into the earth beyond our vision. A home and shelter, an oxygen resource for the planet, a source of food, and stability for the soil.

Whether a 'tree' is a tree to you, a family member, group affiliate, or cornerstone of the community, a 'tree' will always symbolize life, power, flexibility, and greatness.

A 'tree' has the status of authority, creation, and existence. Trees are stationary, yet they grow and flourish or wither and die.

Environment matters. A seed may fall below the large canopy of it's parent tree and struggle to grow. Maybe the seed gets carried far away to a foreign soil by a passing bird. A tree's beginnings may have set a boundary for the tree, but the one's that survive and excel seem to become the largest, most brilliant one's to view.

The wind, weather, soil, and amount of precipitation all have an effect on growth patterns for the tree. Tree's must adapt to the conditions around them, readjust to flourish, accept their surroundings and circumstances, and live fully or age weakly, slowly, and fail to contribute to the environment effectively.

A 'tree' is such an enigma and statement, an analogy, a concrete monument for reflective moments. The 'tree' that each person sees in their own mind, soul, and visions, epitomizes their feelings on many topics, their wishes and realities.

Trees need water for them to grow. They need to be pruned and treated with respect. They need nourishment, love, and attention. Dignity is the structure, stability is the key. Self awareness and adaptability are the driving forces to attain the heights.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter aka Surfcritter

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