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Dec 6, 2007

Generic MLM- Top 10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site

I believe the internet to be the goldmine and the ways to market any generic MLM as the shovel. Keeping that in mind, you would not use a flat shovel to dig a hole or a round shovel for scraping dirt off concrete. The correct tool is essential to success. Which one to use? How about which ones to use? This is a better question by far. Choose the processes that are going to be enjoyable to you. Then consider the time you have available, the amount of financial investment, and the talents you have to market your generic MLM opportunity.

This quickest way to begin marketing generic MLM business opportunities is posting ads on the free Internet based ad sites. The shear quantity of free advertising sites on the net gives confirmation that they are working for somebody. To make them work for you and your business, you will need to spend some time and thought on the ad content and subject line. The magic of advertising is timing. The very same ad could be posted in the fall and the spring but have better results in the spring.Write up about ten different ads and around twenty unique subject lines to rotate between the sites. There are several kinds of free ad sites available to market your generic MLM opportunity. There are manual traffic exchange sites, ad trading sites, and stationary ad sites.

The manual traffic exchanges are brilliant. After you sign up as a free member, you start surfing on the site, viewing other ads and gaining points. The points are yours to use for posting ads of your own and allowing others to click and view your sites. Earning these credits keeps your ads up and running. Options for upgrading are very inexpensive if you come across a few that you enjoy clicking around on. Upgrading gives you more points and other benefits. Keep your upgraded sites to three or less. Decide by using the free service until you get comfortable there. Familiarity is essential for real traffic.

Getting creative and reading everything you have time for is my second generic MLM way to market. I am not recommending that you "do" everything you read, but gaining this knowledge will trigger creativity in your ads and marketing capabilities.

Capturing leads of your own is such a necessary future step that everyone has had this thought cross their minds more than once. This is the answer for most generic MLM marketers. It is also one of the more advanced steps for a great business owner. I am going to save this one for another article, as it will consume an entire essay, but always keep it at the top of your list to spend time learning.

Purchasing leads to gain visitors or buyers to your site is a must until you grasp the free or inexpensive generic MLM marketing ideas. But where to get these leads? The better companies supply lead packages to their members. Be very discerning when you venture out to search on your own for purchased leads. Always check with your upline's upline and ask, inquire, and then question some more. Coop's with upline are also a fantastic idea.

Banner ads are an overlooked by many, used by few, free or inexpensive generic MLM marketing tool. Again, they are supplied to the members by the better companies and are as easy to use as knowing how to cut and paste. There are trade banner ad sites out there that will let you submit your banner if you will place a company banner on your site as payment. You advertise for others in categories of your choosing, and in turn, others will show your ad banner on their site. This takes little time and no money. A classic no brainer. Once it is up, it is up. No more time, effort, or worry and you have an ad showing to the masses. Banner ads can be used on free ad sites, ezines, really any web site that uses others ads as a way to help fund their site. Placing banners runs from free to rather expensive. Check around, but this is an extra way to get your ad viewed by many.

Safe lists and solo ad mailers are a lucrative generic MLM marketing tool. Learning about how these work and which ones to use requires time as does using them. You will need some basic HTML knowledge as well. This too, is a topic that would insist on being the headliner, not just an add on.

Web site personal domain URL redirects are THE most important of all. Without at least one, you will not get far with any of the other listed generic MLM ways to market. Without one, you are a fish out of water. With sites like GoDaddy out there to help you every step of the way, all that is left for you to do is think of a clever site name, how catchy is Google and Yahoo? Again, how many words are there available to you in this wonderfully brilliant English language? They have NOT ALL been taken and you can come up with a great one. Try hard to be able to find one that you could mention in passing, that won't readily be misspelled, that you could put a sign on your car and everyone must remember it. Take it one step further and make it fit your business, the area you want to market in, or ask a question with it. After you discover a unique site name, make it your own. Get an email address to match, use it (without the dot com) as your username everywhere because people get curious and will see if it is not your domain name as well as your email address. Get a dot com if you can. Then put it everywhere. Better yet, send the redirect to a free page swirl web site rotator. Add any of your sites that can be advertised with a common ad and get more bang for your buck by rotating many sites with one incredible URL and generic MLM ad.

Word of mouth advertising is underrated these days. I remember a commercial that they told two friends and so on. That still works today but even faster in this age of technology. Take this scenario, If you get told by your neighbor that you look nice today, you feel good. But if that same neighbor tells you that Mr. B down the street told her that you looked nice today, you feel great. How about this? You bought a new laundry detergent, used it once, and it was incredible. It cleaned even old stains. You then told your Uncle about it. He then tells his wife that you really liked the product. She will more likely get this soap because it came to her second hand. It matters more because it was worth telling twice and recommended to boot. It is human nature, people do not enjoy being sold but they love to buy.

Article marketing is as simple as including a signature file on an outgoing email. There is such a wealth of information on this topic already out there, by professionals at the top article submission sites that I will suggest here to go check out some of the better sites and read the articles submitted by the site owners. They are truly brilliant and I have learned volumes from them.

Another frequently overlooked generic MLM way to market is to go off line. Kind of like going off road in an SUV, the road can be rocky, but what fun. Newspaper ads, remember those? Are still as good a marketing technique as ever. Business cards, flyers, car signs, and bumper stickers. How about t-shirts with your web site on them? What a great conversation starter and have plenty of business cards on hand when you sport your site. The very best companies have lists of creative and unique ways to market generic MLM.

Remember that not everyone in the world is an internet marketer, well, not yet anyway. So, there are always new people getting introduced to the internet looking for generic MLM information and business opportunities. Be sure that your ads are out there for them to find, you are offering them financial freedom and a chance to change their future.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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