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Jul 31, 2008

Free Advertising Site Widgets

There are numerous free advertising sites available to the public online today, case and item specific, varied category sites, automobile sites, real estate, used household item sites ... the list is really endless. So, how to choose which ones are best to place advertisements on and which ones are then best to peruse for purchases?

How does one sift through the varied landscape of free advertising sites to find the gems?

One way is to discover the sites that also have widgets to then post on other blogs or websites that you have. Sites that allow not only graphic uploads and photos, but possible video uploads as well.

Check for viewed advertisement statistics and Google page rank ratings or Alexa ratings. These will give you a very good idea of how many visitors the site has received and how many views your free advertisement is likely to get too.

Ease of use in navigation will be a good criteria to set for time management too, be sure to enjoy the site layout so you will have an easier time of navigating with no worries. I have found a few cool sites that meet this criteria and one of my very favorites is Adoos. Check out the cool widgets they give you for your blogs and social networks:

Mouse Operators Wanted!
Mouse Operators Wanted!

No prior experience...

Visit Adoos and see what I mean, great free advertising site to add to your list.

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