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Aug 14, 2008

The Lone Blog Blogs and Blogging

I had the most interesting question today from a very awesome lady concerning Free Advertising and Internet Marketing:

"I see a lot of this (Internet Marketing) hinges on blogging. I don't have any idea what to say in a blog. I have nothing interesting to teach or tell. So do you help with that?"

Yes I Do! :)

This was my answer:

"Everyone has something to teach or talk about that others will be inspired by :) Like, you just said you walk on the treadmill? Are you motivated by health or exercise? Would a blog about that be fun for you?

Do you have a passion? Any passion will be good to start with and then as you build your blog, you can add topics and change it up as suited to what you would like to talk about :)

Starting either at Blogspot.com (Googles blogger) or at Blog Talk Radio, using it for a blog site for now and possibly later having a show of your own if you want would even be better. Keep your blog to one is a very good idea as it gets time consuming to handle more than two with the other marketing techniques people are using today, one or two is great.

Then, you tie out (link back by posting blog posts to one blog about a social network site you belong to, another blog you or a friend has, or link to your profile page of a wiki or other social network you have).

I actually have a series of videos out on blogging at Googles blogger, Blog Talk Radio, Wordpress, and Utterz and Podbean. These will get you started on Blogging. Also, by looking at other blogs that catch your eye, this will give you an idea about what others write about too. Everyone has something to offer :)

There is a list of blogs to view at http://www.MyVMTeam.wordpress.com that will help by checking out others blogs listed there.

Start your instruction in the Table of Contents for Blogs and Blogging at the learning center I set up. Many members have also added to this Wiki brilliant help and topics on blogging. http://www.MyVMTeam.wetpaint.com

Actually, this is such a brilliant question that I am going to use this answer as a blog post on http://www.TheLoneBlog.com :) U R Here ;)

You can get inspiration everywhere, especially if you have awesome people around you like I do, feel free to post this as your first post if you want as well."

What a great question from my friend! Thanks so much ;)

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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