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Jan 24, 2009

Music Social Networks for Bands

Music Social Networks for Bands and Music Social Networks for Listeners are often one and the same site, but there are better social networks strictly for the artist, group, or musician (even Photographer, Sketch Artist, and Painter, Dancer, or Fine Arts Preformers :) . The “fan” sites are (without question) a very good place to set up an artist profile to be certain your newest fans can find you. Be sure to include the URL’s to all your other blogs and social networks on each of the sites you have so fans can find more about your sound, art, and expression :)

To get more tips, sites, and suggestions on Music Social Networks for Bands listen into one of our Blogs and Social Networks Show on Music Sites :)

Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites for Listeners


Blogs and Social Networks Music Sites for Bands


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