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Feb 20, 2008


This is such a "buzz word" in and around the Internet marketing scene. It seems the chant goes "The system must be duplicatable." But, what do you suppose that means?

Let's step back and analyze this duplicatable scenario for a moment. Being an Internet marketer, like yourself, I am familiar with some top names and gurus in the industry. I am certain you could come up with at least a handful of names yourself.

Did every one of these leaders achieve their success with the same tools? The same time frame? Resources? Or the exact same methods? Interesting that should deduce the same answer as I came up with. :)

Now, they did all set goals, have and use a system that each designed to suit their individual circumstances at the time. But, were they the same goals? Or system? Or even circumstances?

Digging a bit deeper into these systems, you will note the length of these time frames are also a bit different. The years spent studying and learning and the individual span elapsed applying this new found knowledge in the Internet marketing scene, constructing their platforms. Take notice too, of the lifestyle differences both before success and after.

The "uber-successful" in Internet marketing today, come from an array of previous walks of life. From the service industry and blue collar workers to upper management professionals and prior brick and mortar business owners. Each having access to different monetary resources and time allotments to get their individual empires growing.

Consider further, and add another aspect of time into the mix. Have you ever heard someone comment, "I wish I had purchased beach-front property in Florida in the 1960's." ? Or the classic, "If I had only bought into Microsoft stock." ?

Am I saying that the ship has sailed? Absolutely not. Am I telling you to throw in the towel? Not in a million years. After ships sail, will there be no more transportation? Not likely.

What I am trying to convey is that these successful individuals are just that. Individuals who had a goal and who also had a plan and a system. A system that they designed from parts of other systems, that in turn, were created by other successful people.

The World, the people in it, and the Internet will change. These changes happen gradually, but happen they must. Look to change, not at it. Changes in systems are openings for our individual windows of opportunity. Our roads to the "uber-successful" highway that is Internet marketing. If we relay the duplicatable scenario as more of a guideline than a rule, with a general series of events and steps, sprinkled with the individually added flare and color of the teachable student, then we will finally squash at least some of the frustration and stress of walking the tight rope without a net.
Stephanie Haile Google Me :) aka Wavecritter

1 comment:

Wayne Kuphal said...

Hello Stephanie,
I definitely agree with your premise.
My current theme on my website is "change". Your post explains why change is good. It is goes on to imply "do not get stuck in a groove or rut or pattern where change is harder to accomplish". You have to know what to duplicate and will the duplication work for you or against you.
To your Continued Success,