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Feb 29, 2008

The Universe Of Energy!

This one was one of my very favorite all time Ever rides at any park on the Disney property! Brilliant design, the sounds, smells, tastes, emotions were in tune and wonderful! Sulpher, Dinosaurs, the plant life, the mist...Beautiful and scary at the same time...This was truely the Universe of Energy ... relived!

We would hit this ride second only after the Spaceship Planet Earth Globe near the front of EPCOT Center! What an awesome day it always was, always sunny, 70s or 80s and not a lot of traffic...every time we went to EPCOT Center..Fun is the best thing to have, :)

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1 comment:

Daniel said...

Nice blog, what have you got 2 of them; I couldn't comment on the other one (had to log in) and I could'nt figure out how to enable "cookies".
You are dealing with a sloooooow learner here,lol.
Daniel Huffman