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Mar 13, 2009

The Lone Blog: School, The Life Lesson

We as students venture out to our chosen Universities, High Schools, Community and Technical Colleges with an intent to learn. But what "Really" happens in the journey to wisdom and knowledge? Is it purely book knowledge that we gain? What are the differences to teaching yourself or home schooling to attending an institution? When are we ready or geared to understand socialization? Does the knowledge really effect us as much as the social contacts?

Does attending a building (or even, your choice of schools) make the bigger difference to your path in life or does what you learn have a greater effect on your destiny?

Are the self taught fewer in number than the counter parts of those gaining an education through an institution? Or are there just more self taught that do not complete their journeys? With Professors, there is an accountability factor that some may not find in a teach yourself setting, along with resources, tools, and study items or areas a lone individual may not have access to.

The University attendee has a set schedule (choices to made for certain) but nevertheless, a guide to completion and a map complete with an "X" to mark the end goal. The lone scholar needs to construct his own guide and map, becoming not only student but teacher as well.

I commend all of you self teachers/students, yours is the road less traveled, but with persistence and dedication, success is forthcoming :)

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