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Apr 10, 2008

Definition Of A Blog

A Blog is an online diary of sorts...a personal log of pictures, articles, a web page really that was labeled a weblog or web log, shotened to Blog!

It can reflect a specific topic, a gammit of inclusive topics, a variety of hodgepodge, news, reviews, etc. Usually the author or authors of any particular blogs "colors" shine through, meaning that the authors personality shines through the in the layout, agenda, and content of the blog site. The "Flare" of the author shows through.

A Blog is a shared online diary or journal where the author posts content in reverse chronological order or in chronological order for their hobbies, interests, articles, whatever their passions and interests are.

Basically, a Blog is your online presence to the Internet World. Put on great face and have a good time in the creation! I have several articles and How To Videos on creating your own Blog and most of them are posts on this blog here!

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Lana Benton said...

Steff, you shine so brightly in all that you do. Your love of giving is very apparent and greatly appreciated! Blog on, blog on!!

Lana Benton

mike jackson said...

Hey Steffanie your article on blogs is great.Love reading them.Thanks for teaching us all on blogging.

Kann Do Girl said...

What I love about your blog - I never know what I am going to see, find or read! But one thing I DO KNOW, is that I'm going to learn something and there will be something that makes me ask - 'How did she do that?' I hope to pass that reaction on to others as I grow in this business. Thanks Steph for all that you do. KDG

michael curry said...

Blogging I think is just an extension of yourself on the internet,Great Post...
Your Friend
Michael Curry-google me

rhonda olin said...

Steff, you've been a great help in getting me started on my own blog. You are greatly appreciated.

Rhonda Olin - Google Me

Hans Regnier said...

Wow,i'm learning so much it's incredible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Hans Regnier said...

Thanks again ,all of us do appreciate all of your work!

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