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Apr 1, 2008

Law Of Attraction Shift Your Awareness

The mind is actually shaping the very thing that you are perceiving, you may not understand electricity, I know I have to really envision it to grasp it all, but your time delayed thought can and does become your reality. The Secret video above will empower you to be your own visionary and accomplish whatever you wish, whatever you want, stop complaining and envision good things, Think therefore you are. Believe it all...Believe it...Thoughts are not by default, not on auto pilot, but you can monitor your thoughts and redirect your feelings and actions. Emotions effect your feelings, the good things must win out...let go of the feelings and thoughts that take away your empowerment. Watch the video and feel good.
Stephanie Haile Google Me :)

1 comment:

Gia said...

Hi Steph,
thanks for sharing this post, and the video "The Secret" for those who haven't seen it. I believe that we are what we think we are, and we do attract things that we envision.

I am presently rethinking a lot of my thoughts and actions using the V.I.D.E.O concept.

Gia aka Gwendolyn Allen "GoogleMe"