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Jun 17, 2008

Generic MLM Time Money and Energy

Time, Money, and Energy. Do you ever have a steady constant of any of the three?Setting your goals, keeping serious focus on them and moving ever forward toward the things you seek is the answer here.

Generally the questioning and "How" comes up right about here. Understanding that we can always just "dream" about them, watching them happen to others is an option I often use because it lets me remember that Yes, I want this to be a blessing on others as well as myself.

The Action, Reaction clue is also a great motivator when you put it into perspective. Some actions do not readily show exactly what the reaction will manifest into, while others shine through immediately.

Here is an example: Mowing the grass when it is high is a right now sense of satisfaction for your eyes and your neighbors eyes too. You spend energy and time (a bit of money for gas:), and you see immediate results. Well, what about when you spend an hour and half organizing your personal desk, drawers, or closets? Also an immediate result but only for your eyes possibly. Then, what if you spend two hours cleaning up your computer, email system, and files? This will benefit you, but not accomplish much in the eyes of your blog viewers, advertisement readers, and social network friends.

Now, take this Internet Marketer out on an immediate gratification day and they are pumped full of energy because the perception is that they have accomplished this mass quantity of "visual" work, postings, and interactions. But, the realization of the seen as "unproductive" days are only unproductive if what you spent time on, did not benefit you or your team in some way directly but not necessarily visibly.

Feeling just as powered up about your organizing days as your visually stimulating days is important to your work day. Make a decision to get excited for these days and gradually it will begin to get you every bit as motivated as your other productive days on the net.

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mike jackson said...

Couldn't agree more,you have to stay focused and motivated to reach your goals.Very nice article everybody should read this one.