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Jun 6, 2008

Squidoo Lenses

Check out these Squidoo Lensmasters:

Scott OBrien on My VM Team

Dalton Haile on Ogre Island

Founded by Author, speaker, and notable Blogmaster, Seth Godin, with Megan Casey, Editor in Chief, Gil Hildebrand Jr., Chief Engineer, Corey Brown, and Kimberly Dawn Wells, Squiddo.com is a giving site.

Squidoo shares it's proceeds thusly: 50% to be split between lensmasters, 5% to charities, and 45% to the Squidoo team. Squidoo estimates that nearly half of all its lensmasters are donating their own proceeds as well.

Lensmasters at Squidoo are encouraged to promote personal agendas, expertise, causes, products, opinions, and organizations, to actually self promote if you will.

A "Lens" is like a hub page or blog site, but the difference between a blog site and a "Squidoo Lens" is that with a blog site, you need to add content every day or so, with a "Lens", that is not necessary, you build it on one large or small topic, publish it, and then build another one.

You can add Flickr photos, Google Maps, Blogs, Ebay Auctions, YouTube Videos, and other links, photos, and text to create an informative site for others to view when they need a topic full of information all together.

Squidoo is a great tool for getting the word out about your product, business, event, service, or gathering.

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