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Jun 10, 2008


This is quite the nifty little site on whats hot on Twitter at the moment. Find the hot trends, whats buzzing right now, follow Twitscope on the Twitter site, and "Tweet" this cloud which I found to be the coolest of cool :)

Here is the "About Me"

"Twitter was built to help thousands of people answer a very simple question: "What are you doing ?"

Twitscoop was built to help you stay on top of twitter's hot topics or discussions.
Through an automated algorithm, twitscoop crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentioned more often than usual. The result is displayed in a Tag Cloud, using the following rule: the hotter, the bigger (no joke here).

Thanks to twitscoop and the continuously growing twitter user base, you will soon realize that "What are you doing ?" can have very different answers, from "I'm standing in a queue of 500 to buy Gta4", to "Was that just an Earthquake ?", through to "Hey, Microsoft just acquired Yahoo" (no this didn't actually happen yet).
As a result, twitscoop enables you to stay on top of things in a matter of seconds, often way before the news actually hits the mainstream information channels !

We could tell you how we combined cutting-edge financial markets mathematics with Ruby and Jabber magics but we won't. We'd rather have you tell us what doesn't work in our algorithm by sending us an email to feedback [at] twitscoop [dot] com - we know we still have a long way to go and are prepared to work on it.

If you want to keep in touch with our status updates, please follow http://twitter.com/twitscoop "

Follow Me On Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/Wavecritter

And My Friend Who Let Me In On This Coolness, Anjrued On Twitter http://twitter.com/anjrued

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This is the video on Crazy Urban Legends. I moved it here because it is an autoplay :)

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