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May 17, 2008

The Lone Blog Generic MLM Traffic

The Lone Blog is an example of the Internet goldmine and the ways to market any generic MLM as the shovel. Keeping that in mind, you would not use a flat shovel to dig a hole or a round shovel for scraping dirt off concrete. The correct tool is essential to success. Which one to use? How about which ones to use? This is a better question by far. Choose the processes that are going to be enjoyable to you. Then consider the time you have available, the amount of financial investment, and the talents you have to market your generic MLM opportunity.

This quickest way to begin marketing generic MLM business opportunities is posting ads on the free Internet based ad sites. The shear quantity of free advertising sites on the net gives confirmation that they are working for somebody. To make them work for you and your business, you will need to spend some time and thought on the ad content and subject line. The magic of advertising is timing. The very same ad could be posted in the fall and the spring but have better results in the spring.Write up about ten different ads and around twenty unique subject lines to rotate between the sites. There are several kinds of free ad sites available to market your generic MLM opportunity. There are manual traffic exchange sites, ad trading sites, and stationary ad sites.

The manual traffic exchanges are brilliant. After you sign up as a free member, you start surfing on the site, viewing other ads and gaining points. The points are yours to use for posting ads of your own and allowing others to click and view your sites. Earning these credits keeps your ads up and running. Options for upgrading are very inexpensive if you come across a few that you enjoy clicking around on. Upgrading gives you more points and other benefits. Keep your upgraded sites to three or less. Decide by using the free service until you get comfortable there. Familiarity is essential for real traffic.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter

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