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May 22, 2008

The Lone Blog Mashable

Mashable Social Networking News is a cool site and has listings for employment in the "Industry".

This is just a short overview for now, but I will venture deeper into this site later today. Here is a short section of a listing from Fanscape on Mashable:

"Director, Social Media Marketing
from Fanscape
Jobs Available | Thu May 22 09:09:24 -0700 2008

Los Angeles

Fanscape is a leading new media marketing agency focused on reaching and activating consumers through online and mobile media. With 10 years of experience, Fanscape’s team of creative experts develops unique strategies to motivate the newest generation of web and mobile savvy consumers. Fanscape works with many of the most well known brands, musicians, films, television shows, and innovative technologies."
Read More: http://market.mashable.com/listings/993-Fanscape-Director-Social-Media-Marketing

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