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May 14, 2008

The Lone Blog Getting Connected

Get Connected! Link Lists and More...

This is the reason we are getting our blogs going really. This is the whole point...to get and stay connected.

Surf's Up Today! Heres a thought...Post often! About whatever, whenever...

Adding blog urls to your link list is as easy as copy from the address bar while you view the blogsite you are on (this is if you don't already have the url at your disposal :) Then paste it into the add page element called link lists, name the link, and save. No Worries.

List your blogsites first, then if you have any websites additionally on your list, place them towards the bottom of the link list. This will get more clicks and comments from outside our group.

Moving the items and urls in the link list is as easy as using the arrows along the side of the page element Link List. Open the link list with the edit click, look at it for a minute. There is an edit, delete, and then there are arrows here. Up and down arrows. Be sure to click these arrows with care, as you could inadvertently click the delete button :)

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1 comment:

michael curry said...

Heres a thought...Post often! About whatever, whenever...
We must keep posting and stay connected...
Michael Curry