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May 18, 2008

The Lone Blog Google Me?

Does the title of your site reflect the added content? What does your blog comment and inform about? What drew your attention to your own individual business? These are the questions to consider when thinking on what Google Me means. It has a personal twist for everyone and not all people will search the same phrases.

Whether you use the pay per click methods or free marketing methods, the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Ask, and many others have different ways that they rank your searchable keywords. The system of linking your personal name, nickname, and business keywords together is like a motor boat on the river. The motor boat would be the major search terms and the wake of this boat will then carry your name and nickname with it to the top of the original search terms. It's like bringing a friend to the shore, up and involved with the beach party.

Once you begin to include your name in the wake of other keywords, be certain to live up to these other search phrases and gain a growing knowledge of them. Become an expert in these search terms and understand what the people searching these terms are really looking for. Immerse yourself in the what, where of the searches and then discern who.

The what are they searching seems to be the first grasp of Google Me. Using the free tools at Google like their brilliant search tools, will help you decide your particular keywords.

Never get discouraged with the use of keywords and never let anyone tell you your chosen keywords are bad ones. You thought of it and connected it to your business, so others will too.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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