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Sep 6, 2008

The Lone Blog Kids Social Network Study

The latest studies for Blogs and social Networks are geared toward the younger crowd. The newest surge of wonder is how to actually market to the little ones online, rather through them, to their parents.

Grunwald Associates LLC is one of the companies that is currently doing research of this nature, finding out how kids are using the numerous social networks, how the business ads out there geared toward the very young are presently working and how best to market to the tweens and younger, and 13 to 17 year olds.

Check out this comprehensive study at Grunwald Associates for more.

Find out which Social Networks the kids are visiting, which features of these Social Networks attract the kids these ages, what the kids are discussing, the safety issues, are some Blogs and social Networks technologies used in the classroom, and much more. An in depth and quite intriguing study.

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