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Sep 21, 2008

The Lone Blog Market This

Marketing, especially Internet Marketing, now that the Age of Technology is upon us, has been creative, inspiring, crazy, broad ranged, localized, maneuvered, criss crossed, hatched, exploited, loved, and genuine.

The ways we market, the advertisements we use, we, as marketers, inherently are seeking attention. Not necessarily to ourselves but to our products, services, designs, or companies. Attention first above all is the marketers goal. It's what we do with that attention, what we do to, with, and for our audience of guests eagerly awaiting an answer to their problem, question, or situation.

The question for all marketers then is "Are you giving an offering of a solution?". Or are you creating more problems for your visitor?

"Huh? What do you mean?" might be your reply here.

Here is an example. I recently talked to a brilliant lady who is learning marketing online. She is an Internet Marketer who has been led by "CULaters", the talkers of the Internet who sell everything and anything to their listeners and frankly take advantage of the "newbie learner" or especially the marketers who know a "little" and may be struggling (as we all do or have experienced, trust me, it's ok, you must climb the mountain or forge the stream to get where the view is better) and Mr. CULater Sells comes along to sell everything and anything to make a quick buck. Oh, they offer "solutions" or a "quick fix" to their visitors dilemmas, or what they say is a quick fix "All For Only $19.95!". Pretend this particular quick fix is a bright shiny capture page system that will "secure them a new list of clients". Yes, when marketed correctly, a bright shiny capture system will indeed, over time, offer their products and services to be viewed by a new audience but (always a big but, lol), on top of the confusion they had faced before they obtained this newest answer to their issue, on top of the overload bearing down on them from the problems they had before, they now must learn a new system, learn how to build a site with this system, learn how to then Market this new capture page alongside the other marketing they are doing presently, and oh! look! they can also market this new capture system as well!

Some may argue that "in the long run" you will be ahead with a shiny new capture system. I completely disagree. Become great (not good) at what you presently know first, focus on your goals and actually know what those really are.

No amount of money spent on a "quick fix" will ever be good "in the long run" because "Quick" and "Long" are antonyms, think on that. Spend your money on your business. Well, what does That mean? I am saying that marketers lose the very vast majority of their money (and sometimes before they ever do well in their business), by spending on tools to build, getting overwhelmed with learning and spending to learn.

In reality, to build the framework of your house you need only a hammer, saw, ax, and a measuring tool. The rest of the tools are convenience tools and then are only a convenience if you have the knowledge to use them or can learn well them quickly.

Some marketers lose their start up funds by purchasing "How to Information", paying someone to teach them either by a feeling of obligation (I will buy the tools you are offering because they taught me this) or by random purchases across the net of marketers selling information about how to market. What is your goal here? To build your business, not to become an open wallet for your personal mentors whenever they happen upon a new, shiny, exciting thing to market! The slogan "Be sue to sign up under me" comes directly to mind.

Spend your money on your business. A fair amount of MLMs or online work at home businesses with payplans fitted to a matrix require a monthly autoship. OK, your business, you are receiving a product or service in return for your loyalty in purchase every month. In turn, this company offers you an income if you find other like minded people who are excited about this business, are willing to also market to gain members, and are teachable to learning this system. Generally the term is "teachable" not "turn into prey".

Someone chooses to join your organization or group because they are extending trust to you and wish to build "this" business with You. Not line up to sell them various tools that they don't understand and frankly may not need. Believing you "need" a particular web site or capture page creation may be, in fact, that you just simply "want" it, prefer it, it may have become easy for you to use as opposed to another, or were told you need it.

Why do you suppose their are so many different brands of vehicles? Everyone doesn't drive a Buick or a Corvette. Spend your money on your business. Along with a monthly autoship, a great business choice will also offer free learning and free tools. Use them. Spend your time learning them. What is your goal? To succeed at Your business. Focus.

Spend your money on your business. Every affiliate link either needs a redirected URL from a site like GoDaddy, or you can use the free TinyURL site. If this is really the business choice for you, get a dot com or dot info from GoDaddy and redirect it to your affiliate site URL, blog or other site like FreeWebs that houses banners or links and information to your affiliate site (this second option is recommended over the first of redirecting straight to your affiliate site). So, how much did you spend? Around ten dollars or less for a GoDaddy domain URL. Spend your money on your business.

Now we come back to gaining attention and creating something for new visitors. At least two email addresses will be needed... Continued in Market This Part 2

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