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Sep 22, 2008

The Lone Blog Market This Part 2

Now we come back to gaining attention and creating something for new visitors. At least two email addresses will be needed separate from your personal email address. One is for nothing else except your free web form submission box that sits on your blog or FreeWebs site. There are many, many free contact boxes available for your blogs and web sites, some even come inclusive with the site. The second email address is for your sign up email account for blogs and social networks, Google, to receive company information about your business and for new members, bulletins, and news. If you are going to sign up for free marketing tips, Blaster mail services or SoloAd sites (where you receive loads of email ads from others in return for others viewing and receiving yours) then, I would highly recommend a third email address for these type listings.

How much have you spent now? Only the money for your hosted redirected URL (if you chose to do that) and your autoship. Spend your money on your business.

Another way I have noticed that excited new marketers lose loads of money is they allow the "bright shinies" over there to distract. "Gain multiple residual income streams" before they even have a firm grasp of the business they were first excited over. Many marketers perpetuate this when they begin to acquire members or their list starts to get big. "I can show everyone this too!". Ummmm....No. Help them build the business they are in, do not get them side tracked or give them a "Well, we gave this one three months or less, let's do This now!". If you just focus you must succeed If! (Yeah, there's that "if" again lol). If you are excited about your business choice, if you would use the product or service anyway even without a money making opportunity, if it is a sound, solid, debt free company so you can be sure your checks will come, if the company guarantees your success, What? no company does that! Yes, there is one offering tools and learning for free. Does your company offer these criteria?

How to gain attention to your business is still looming in the background. The answer is not a cookie cutter response. It will not only be tempered to your business choice but also to you and your style, your circumstance, your time, and your energies.

Spending your money on your business boils quite down to focus. Will this bright shiny Really help me promote my business? Or will it give me yet one more thing to actually promote, market and learn. If you are in a business already, does your upline help? I don't mean do it for you, I mean help. If your personal sponsor isn't, go further upline until you find someone who will. Learn by doing, learn by reading your business info on your company site, focus and spend your money on your business and watch it grow.

Stay Tuned for How To Gain Attention To Your Business :)

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