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Mar 5, 2008

Google Blogger How To Part 2

Here is Part Two, that covers "The Rest Of The Story" to get you on the automatic level to blogging. Repetitive nature of blogging, once you learn the steps, is a whole lot of fun...Enjoy;)

Stephanie Haile Google Me :)


Kurt Mitchell said...

Great video Stephanie. These types of instructional video's go along way to help the novice blogger. Keep them coming! Come check out my blog when you get some time.

Kurt Mitchell
google me

michael curry said...

Thanks for those great blogging videos they are very helpful..
Your Friend
Michael Curry - google me

P.S. Check out my new blog on blogger askmichaelcurrynow.blogspot.com

michael curry- google me said...

Thanks for giving us those great videos on blogging..
Your Friend
Michael Curry - google me