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Mar 21, 2008

The Lone Blog An Inner Tube In Space?

"Astronaut Rick Linnehan, anchored to a Canadarm2 mobile foot restraint, participates in the mission's third scheduled session of extravehicular activity. (NASA / March 19, 2008)"

" Marcia Dunn | Associated Press
10:21 PM EDT, March 20, 2008

Click here to find out more! http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/space/orl-shuttle2108mar21,0,3760876.story?track=rss

CAPE CANAVERAL - Two spacewalking astronauts pulled out a caulk gun and high-tech kind of Silly Putty on Thursday night and tested a method for patching shuttle thermal tiles.

It was the fourth spacewalk since Endeavour arrived at the international space station just over a week ago to deliver a robot and the first section of a Japanese lab.

The long-awaited repair test was ordered up following the 2003 Columbia tragedy."


Daniel said...

Have a good, Good Friday!
"high-tech kind of Silly Putty", kudos to the silly putty.

Jim Cobb said...

I love the space program...It is totally awesome from the first launch into space and now travel to Mars. Thanks Stef for the great photo's

Jim Cobb - Google Me