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Mar 19, 2008

Sand Creation!

An Inner Tube On The Ocean...And Creativity On The Shore!

The things you can do with the medium of sand! It staggers the mind and startles the senses! Brilliant artwork,... for only a short time,... if not captured in photo for the world to know it was once there.

The care and precision it takes, if you have never experienced it yourself, is at first an overwhelming thought, but then melds into the texture of the sand, hands and tools skimming the sand surface, with the grainy quartz slipping between your fingers, along the back of your hands, through your toes, and you become one with the particles, fashioning them into the creation of your dreams and wildest imaginings... to get lost in the rushing of the waves and breeze of the saltwater wind, to hear the echoes of the sea birds sing to you while you mix and smooth the sculpture of your mind...is the most brilliant feeling... and then to take a step back out of your fantasy and gaze on the finished architecture .... Is a most relaxing, satisfying feeling. Brilliant!
See You At The Beach!
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michael curry said...

Once all off our innertubes are connected we will be unstopable.
Great post Steph
Michael Curry

Wyverex said...

What a work of Art!