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Mar 22, 2008

Your Personal Redirected URL Matters

Your Personal Redirected URL Matters

Without one, you are a fish out of water. With sites like GoDaddy out there to help you every step of the way, All that is left for you to do is think of a clever site name, how catchy is google and yahoo? Again, how many words are there available to you in this wonderfully brilliant English language? They have NOT ALL been taken and you Can come up with a great one. Try hard to be able to find one that you could mention in passing, that won't readily be misspelled, that you could put a sign on your car and everyone must remember it. Take it one step further and make it fit your business, the area you want to market in, or ask a question with it. Look at these awesome web sites that (of course) are taken already, but maybe you will get the gist of it.
Wavecritter, Surfcritter, BerryH2O, WAHFreeTrial, GardenOfProsperity, OxygenBerry, WealthBuildersWeb, UberBerry, Muddog357, BestBerryTree, GoldElegance, MyIncomeVentures, AmazingSuccessSystem, ElmerC, BerryCritter, OneStarHealth, AirBerry, GetHealthyMakingMoney, WorkAtHomeFreeTrial, VideoDatingRocks, CookieCritter, YoungHeiress, StephanieHaile, TimeWarpToGoogle, GoogleTheElite, GoogleMeFast, Scubadoggy, Muddog357.
I hope by sharing these, you will get inspired to come up with a great one of your own.
A few other tips: Use dot com whenever you can, people might remember your site, but not always dot net or dot info or dot whatever. Now, if you want, get multiples with all of the dots ;)They always do dot com first. Redirect and set to move permanent. Use your site name as your username everywhere. No masking with affiliate links. Get a matching email at gmail, yahoo, or other site. Own your name.
Stephanie Haile Google Me ;)

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