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Mar 3, 2008

The Lone Blog - Accomplishing Goals

You ever feel like this? So have I.... Let's turn the tides on that feeling forever!

Accomplishing things in life are as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

1) You have to Know what you want
2) You have to Decide that you are getting it
3) You have to Create a Plan
4) You must be willing to Begin today

Goals are important because they keep you focused. They allow you to spend energy
on the right things, rather than focusing on things that appear as obstacles or
challenges along the way.


1) They should be specific

2) They should be written down

3) They should be time stamped

4) They should be affirmed aloud every day

5) Long Term Goals are important. You should begin with the end in mind.

6) Short-term goals are just as important. A great time to start your short-term
goals is at the beginning of every month.

The SECRET to succeeding in any business is the ability to start FRESH!

* You get some rejection, start FRESH

* You have a slow month, Start FRESH

* You have some people drop out, start FRESH

* You have a need to make some money right away, start FRESH

Awesome Inspiration and Tips...
Stephanie Haile

1 comment:

BERRYH2O said...

Wetting your pants in a dark suit...Too funny :)